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After Adam suggested creating CAPTENS, Marianne and he set some goals:

* to fly in tribute to THE FRENCH CONNECTION.
Daniel Heligoin and Montaine Mallet were friends, and Adam worked as an aerobatic Instructor-Pilot for them at MUDRY AVIATION in Florida.

* to prove that, as Richard Bach writes :
« You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.”

CAPTENS also represents other challenges, some more obvious than others :

Marianne: “Even as flight instructors with many thousands of hours of CAP 10 time, formation aerobatics are difficult.
At 250 km/h, wing tips just meters apart, you have to fly figures in perfect harmony of speed, G-forces and radius.”

Adam: “Because of small-time local politics, we can’t train over home base at Annecy and have to ferry-flight far afield to keep sharp.”


patrouille de voltige
 avion d'exception
 voltige à 250 km/h
harmonie voltige
vitesse patrouille aerienne
cap10 avion voltige
avion figure ciel
duo voltige avion
trace ciel avion
fumee voltige aerienne
mariage voltige aerienne
 nuage voltige aerienne
dessin ciel voltige
decolage patrouille aerienne
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